having your home mortgage audit Coverage

having your home mortgage audit Coverage — What Is Covered

Standard home insurance coverage policies provide the following types of coverage, up to the limits outlined in the policies:

  • Mortgage audit wont help loan modification efforts
    Mortgage audits can uncover mistakes or legal problems in loan documents. . Most people facing foreclosure simply want to get reduced payments so that they can afford to keep their homes. . The audit serves as the negotiating tool in getting their loan modified." . Let Bankrate's Mortgage Analysis be your GPS.

  • Are You Getting Screwed By Your Lender? - CBS News
    Sep 29, 2010 . David I. Ginsburg, founder of Loantech, the oldest mortgage audit . Loan Modification Hell: New Solutions To Avoid Losing Your Home .

  • Forensic Loan Audit | Forensic Mortgage Audit | Foreclosure Help
    Jan 5, 2011 . Forensic Loan Audit - Free Mortgage Audit. . Can A Forensic Loan Audit Help You Save Your Home? If your loan is fraudulent, . Forensic audits can help you even if you have already lost your home to foreclosure. So I Do A .

  • Mortgage audit letters are more hype than savings
    Feb 20, 2012 . Mortgage audit letters claim they can save you thousands, but the BBB . And if you're in danger of losing your home, you may have wasted .

  • Loan Audit On Your Mortgage Helps Stop Foreclosure
    Let Mortgage Fraud Examiners perform a mortgage audit and appraisal for . AND ENTITLE YOU TO COMPENSATION OR YOUR HOME FREE & CLEAR! . are simply recalculating the loan and they have no ability to affect the outcome.

You also can purchase the following optional home insurance coverages:

  • Mortgage Monitor Audit Services
    Mortgage Monitor mortgage audits escrow audits mortgage analysis for . accounts and/ or ARM Loans producing Refunds on their Home Loans. . ARE YOU ONE OF THE 70% OF HOMEOWNERS BEING OVERCHARGED BY YOUR LENDER? If . (People come to us even from Alaska and Hawaii to have their mortgages .

  • Forensic Auditing 101 1-888-324-4030, Certified Securitization ...
    Why Do You Need a Forensic Mortgage Audit? You purchased your home and you needed a mortgage to do so. You provided the down payment, your FICO .

  • Homeowners Fight Back With Mortgage Audits - Christian Financial ...
    Apr 17, 2012 . Mortgage auditing firms will put your mortgage under a microscope to look for . on time don't expect a mortgage audit to save you from losing your home. . If you have had a mortgage audit done, please use the comments .

  • Mortgage Audit Home Solution Counselors - Loan Modification and ...
    Did your mortgage broker or home builder violate statutory guidelines? . If they don't have the original note we will use that as leverage when negotiating with .

    If you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, there is a 47.5% probability you are due a refund of . Your largest investment…is probably your home mortgage. . Mortgage Auditing Service offers you, the Homeowner, the Homeowner Services .

  • Homeowners Now Being Cheated by “Mortgage Auditors” - National ...
    When in the middle of a fight for your home please talk with an attorney before you . These news coverage these reports have received, now have crated the niche . In every case that has been successful for my clients, a mortgage audit and .

  • Mortgage Securitization Audits: Scam, Useless or Salvation?
    Opinions divided on mortgage securitization audits -- but some are . Make a cash offer to buy your home at a price that doesn't match current market rates. Present . Instead, the best thing to do if you're having trouble making your mortgage .

  • Mortgage Audit Software - Home Loan Interest Manager
    Mortgage Audit Software - Audit Your Mortgage and Home Loan Interest Repayments . Have all the facts so you can make informed decisions - Home Loan .

having your home mortgage audit Coverage — What Isn't Covered

A standard homeowners policy may not protect you from:

Questions to Ask Before You Buy having your home mortgage audit

  • Is flood insurance required, and what kind of flood insurance is available?

    Dan Dillashaw | LinkedIn
    Regional Manager at Mortgage Audit Solutions, LLC . I have a unique understanding of the home buying and selling process due to my business . Having this leverage means your lender will not only have to listen, but also be held .

    Mortgage Audit | Dallas Foreclosure Attorney
    Begin Mortgage Audit If you think that you have been a victim of mortgage fraud, . you from the Title company where you signed for the mortgage on your home.

  • Is earthquake insurance available?

    Mortgage Monitor mortgage audits escrow audits mortgage analysis ...
    (up to $100000 or more), and own their home free and clear years sooner, simply . We have more expertise in mortgage auditing than you (or your accountant) .

    Mortgage audits: Savers or scams? - AmericaNowNews.com
    . Bureau advertising review is mailing unsolicited offers for mortgage "audits. . pay you top dollar for your treasure, and how can you tell if you're getting ripped off? . homes for more than three years or whose loans have been recently sold.

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